1. Da' Bomb Ground Zero - This sauce might be too hot to eat. It has been officially measured at 234'000 Scoville units, they have the certificate to prove it!

  2. Blair's Mega Death - Get ready to "Feel Alive"! The unique taste of fresh ginger, molasses & guave nectar wrapped up in a Holographic label. This sauce contains ingredients that are 500 times hotter than Jalapeno. The skull keychain is there!

  3. Dave's Gourmet Private Reserve - This California is made once a year and is hand numbered, signed, and dated.

  4. Venom Xtreme - This Florida sauce is rated at 95,000 Scoville units. Use only one drop at a time or extend with tropical juices to make a jerk style marinade. This sauce has a great Caribbean aroma and style.

  5. Mad DOG 357  - This killer sauce is packed with 357,000 Scoville units of heat. One HIT and "This sauce will blow you away". 2002 Scovie award winner for label design. Blended chile extract, Habeneros, and Super Cayenne peppers.

  6. You Can't Handle This - Designed to smell and taste great, while the extreme heat level allows you to "Mouth Surf" the big ones. The delayed reaction scorching heat is real fun. 1999 Scovie award in Triple Heat - 2002 2nd place Texas Fiery Foods Shootout hot division - 2002 3rd place National Fiery Foods Challenge/Chile Pepper Magazine, XXX Hot Category.

  7. This is the Hottest Sauce - Another great sauce from Peppers. WARNING!! This sauce will hurt you! You can't eat more than a little teeny bit at a time. This sauce comes with a worry bag attached to the neck of the bottle.

  8. Mad Dog's - 1999 Limited Edition - All the great flavor and taste of the regular inferno, with 150,000 Scoville units of heat (HPLC certified). 2000 FDM Magazine 2nd place, Super Hot Sauce.

  9. Predator - This habanera & pepper extract sauce is made with six different fruits, so that the "Heat Bite" will actually taste good. At a level of 150,000 to 175,000 Scoville units, this is one blazing fruit stick. 2001 National champion Hot Sauce XXX Hot/National Fiery Food Challenge.

  10. Vicious Viper - Bites with lethal, venomous heat. Made with habanera & Chile de Arbol peppers, as well as Capsaicin extract and nine different fruits.

  11. The Legend - The legendary fire of the Red Savina Habenero pepper has earned the distinction of the "World's Hottest Spice" according to the Guinness Book of World Records and is measured at 577,000 scoville units. Comes in it's own handcrafted wooden container.

  12. Liquid Stoopid - Taste the I.Q. points melt away, when only one drop will "stupefy you"! This super hot Ohio sauce can only be used one drop at a time.

  13. Da'  Bomb - Beyond Insanity - Wicked beyond belief! This sauce is NUCLEAR! This Kansas made sauce in the bomb shaped bottle is rated at 119,700 Scoville units. A FDM Magazine & Scovie Award Winner.

  14. Dave's Gourmet Ultimate Insanity - Be afraid, be very afraid! Dave is the inventor of the ultimate hot category of sauces & this California sauce is  the 2002 National Champion XXX Hot Category at the National Fiery Food Challenge/Chile Pepper Magazine.

  15. Colon Blow - A doctor recommended, Red Habenero Enema "the Supreme Ream"! This Illinois made pepper extract sauce is a true heavyweight champion. A product of Costa Rica.

  16. Widow, No Survivor's - This extremely hot Florida sauce comes with a giant ugly spider attached to the neck of the bottle. Use one drop at a time.

  17. Smack My Ass and Call Me Sally - Chet says this Florida based pepper extract will bring you to your knees.

  18. Blair's Sudden Death - Made with Red Habenero pods, fiery Cayenne chilies, pure pepper resin & Siberian ginseng. 2002 2nd Place National Fiery Food.

  19. Bada Bing, Bada Boom - Probable Cause - So....you think you are safe? FAGET ABOUT IT! This hot sauce doesn't knock or ring the bell, it kicks down the door to your taste buds with fiery habanera heat. If the police are at your door, and bland food is your accomplice, they don't need a warrant to search for flavor. They have PROBABLE CAUSE!

  20. Ass Reaper -  A hot sauce so friggin' hot you'll wish you were dead. This bottle comes with a white skull mask and a hooded robe tied to the neck of the bottle and contains both Habenero and Scotch Bonnet Peppers.